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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paulo Schroeber - Birds of Prey Solo Lesson - Almah

From Paulo Schroeber Official Myspace :

Paulo Schroeber : "To do a warm up before the launching of the new Almah CD, here is the video of the explanations note per note of Birds Of Prey solo. (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008).

Who has not the patience to hear the explanations and wants immediatly get into the heart of the matter can download Guitar Pro file on my website : http://www.pauloschroeber.com/rubrique,scores-and-tabs,1277812.html ".

- Check out "Birds Of Prey Solo Video Lesson" :

For more news : Paulo Schroeber Official Myspace / Official Website

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Paulo Schroeber 1st instrumental solo album : "Freak Songs"

Paulo Schroeber (Almah, Astafix, Hammer 67) about his first solo instrumental album "Freak Songs" which will be released soon :

"My instrumental album finally went to the factory, to get ready probably in a month. It calls "Freak Songs". Anyone who wants to check out some songs can visit my Myspace and hear new songs called "Give me a Pill'", "Neoclassical Party", "Fast Jazz" and "To My Father" on CD versions."

Stay tuned ! More news regarding new Paulo Schroeber solo album "Freak Songs" coming soon !

For more news : Paulo Schroeber Official Myspace

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paulo Schroeber / Astafix in Argentina : pics

Paulo Schroeber and his band Astafix have recently played a great concert in Argentina at Teatro Colegiales in Buenos Aires (11/06/11)! Here are some pics of the band in Argentina and on stage, posted by Paulo Schroeber via his Official Facebook Profile !

** Pics by Guada Mendoza :

** Pics of Astafix show at Teatro Colegiales in Buenos Aires, Argentina (11/06/11) :

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Edu Falaschi comments recording of the guitars for the new Almah album

Almah and Paulo Schroeber keep working on the third studio album, the follow-up to the previous success, Fragile Equality (2008). This Monday, frontman and founder of Almah, Edu Falaschi, revealed a few details about recording of the new album in an interview to Heavy Nation program broadcasted by one of the most important internet radio stations in Brazil, UOL Radio.

Here is the part of the interview including the words of Edu about the guitars recorded by Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Barbosa :

"“It’s the fastest CD-recording I’ve ever done in my life! – tells Edu. – We began working at the end of April and had everything together within one month! I mean, the pre-production, arrangements, the basic parts/solos creation and the guitars/bass/drums recording... Everything took less than one month! [...]

It’s the heaviest stuff I’ve ever recorded in my life, the guitar work kicks ass! The guitar parts have been recorded with 7-strings instruments, half-step down (B flat), and the result is very solid and heavy. The rhythm guitars were played four times for extra punch. The new stuff will show that Almah is not really a melodic metal band… But, mainly, this album will make it clear that Almah stands on its ground on the scene! While the first CD was my solo one, and the 2nd, Fragile Equaity, was the first album with the current line up, then unknown for the public, this time Almah is very well consolidated as a band. It’s got its own place, sound, identity and, also very important, its own true fan army!”

Read the complete news in English on Almah French Official Blog
The original program in Portuguese is available HERE.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paulo Schroeber Official Blog : playlist of the month

Check out the new playlist of the month, compiled with songs played by Paulo Schroeber in solo or with his bands Almah, Astafix and Hammer 67 :
  • Hammer 67, Reaction (Hammer 67, Mental Illness, 2010)
  • Astafix, Cypher (Astafix, End Ever, 2009)
  • Almah, You'll Understand (Almah, Fragile Equality, 2008)
  • Rock It ! (Paulo Schroeber solo)
Enjoy ;)