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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Paulo Schroeber / Astafix : 1st clip !

Paulo Schroeber, Official Myspace Blog, December 03th :

Paulo Schroeber : " I just record the new Astafix video clip, and I can only say one thing ... fucking great !!!!! We are very pleased with the first preview of the director Raul Machado, and clip will be ready next week".

For more news : Paulo Schroeber Official Myspace

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paulo Schroeber and Tiago Caurio : Astafreaks Jams (December 2009)

Paulo Schroeber Official Youtube Channel

Astafix : interview on Kiss FM (November 2009)

* Interview Part I

* Interview Part II

Astafix Official Channel Youtube

Astafix : interview on Tô No Palco (October 2009)

* Interview part I

* Interview Part II

* Interview Part III

* Interview Part IV

Tô No Palco Official Youtube Channel


Line-up :

* Wally : vocals and guitar
* Ayka : vocals and bass
* Paulo Schroeber : guitar
* Thiago Caurio : drums

Release :

*Astafix, End Ever (2009)

"After two years far away from stage, Wally ex-guitarist from CPM22, came back with a sound completly different ... In 2007, he recorded some demos of what would be later called ASTAFIX, his new band, in which he is the guitarist but also the singer.

Shortly thereafter, together with the producer Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga, he begins recording the fist official record "End Ever", which features 12 tracks with styles and influences from bands such as Pantera, Sepultura, Biohazard, fear Factory, among others metal and hardcore bands from the 80's and 90's. Adriano Daga, which also produces the album writes drums lines and is invited to join the band.

With the album in full production, Wally invites musicians and friends to take part in "End Ever", making the album something even more unique. Great names of the Brazilian metal scene as Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Paul X (Monster), Shark (Chipset Zero) and Demian Tiguez (Symbols) are invited.

During "End Ever" recording, Aykya is chosen as bass player.

To complete the line-up, Paulo Schroeber (Almah) integrates the band in early 2009.

In may of this year, 10 tracks from the future album "End Ever" are available on the official myspace of the band.

In september 2009, Adriano Daga is replaced by Thiago Caurio."

Astafix Official Myspace


Line-up :

* Edu Falaschi : vocals
* Paulo Schroeber : Guitar
* Marcelo Barbosa : Guitar
* Felipe Andreoli : Bass
* Marcelo Barbosa : Drums

Releases :

* Almah, Almah (2006)
* Almah, Fragile Equality (2009)

"ALMAH was initially established in 2006 as a project of ANGRA's singer Edu Falaschi. With Angra Edu released 3 important albums and composed many hits like Nova Era, Heroes Of Sand, The Course Of Nature, Spread Your Fire, Bleeding Heart; this renowned Brazilian prog-power band has already sold over 1 million cds during 15-year career. No wonder that Edu's new band ALMAH achieved big success worldwide very fast.

Since 2006 ALMAH has released two albums worldwide, has turned from a solo-project into a regular band with excellent musicians, and has won its own important place on the world metal scene. Edu Falaschi's mate from Angra Felipe Andreoli also joined the band in 2007 and they work in ALMAH simultaneously with Angra. ALMAH is currently working on the third studio album.

The first self-titled ALMAH album was released in the second half of 2006 (Japan/Victor-JVC and Brazil/Laser Company) / in March 2007 (Europe/AFM Records). Besides singing Edu Falaschi also produced the record, composed all the songs and wrote all the lyrics. He recorded acoustic guitars and keyboards and created all the arrangements for every instrument, including orchestrations.

Edu Falaschi: I was searching for a name – easy name to remember and to pronounce in all languages and I find out that Almah with «h» in Hebrew means virginity and purity but at the same time I find out in the bible many religious people say that it means the opposite, it means malice and perversion. Then I fought – ok two opposite meanings it's very interesting and I can use this idea to make lyrics – I decided to talk about human feelings in a whole album - and human feelings can be good and bad – like liberty, like love or we can feel something like freedom, we can feel envy and greed – bad feelings. That's how I means soul and the soul in Spanish is soul as well, and I am always finding different meanings of this word – always good meanings.

The album was recorded in Finland and Brazil with the following musicians: Emppu Vuorinen (guitars – Nightwish), Lauri Porra (bass – Stratovarius) and Casey Grillo (drums – Kamelot) and special guest appearances: Mike Stone (guitars – Queensrÿche), Edu Ardanuy (guitars – Dr. Sin) and Sizão Machado (bass – Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque and others) among others. The debut album got excellent reviews in many important rock magazines and websites worldwide. Almah was recognized as one of the most important power-metal bands, and Edu Falaschi was called one of the best singers by Burrn! magazine readers (Japan).

The second album “Fragile Equality” was released on September 24th in Asia/Brazil by JVC and Laser Company Records and on October 17th in Europe/USA/Canada by AFM Records. As far as in June 2007 due to some reasons ANGRA took a break almost for two years, Edu was able to concentrate on ALMAH. The solo project month by month was turning into a real band with stable line-up.

Besides Edu, who is, of course, handling the vocals, his ANGRA's mate Felipe Andreoli on bass has participated in ALMAH since their very beginning as a regular band. The Berklee-graduated guitar wizard Marcelo Barbosa (Khallice) joined the band right before its first tour in August 2007. During pre-production stage of “Fragile Equality” the drummer Marcelo Moreira (Burning In Hell) and the second guitarist Paulo Schroeber entered ALMAH. All the members contributed actively to the songwriting process of “Fragile Equality”, with Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli being responsible for the production as well. CD was recorded in Norcal Studios (São Paolo) in the summer 2008. Thus, the second ALMAH record “Fragile Equality” was a real display of the first class musicianship, of the highest level of the compositions and the voice of Edu Falaschi. The lyrical concept of the album is about "the balance between all the elements of the universe" based on a book that Edu is the co-writer for. The book "Fragile Equality - Equinox-Book 1" (done in Manga style) is to be released sometime later, with a karaoke CD of the “Fragile Equality” album."

In Brazil the first press of the album was sold out during the first day of official sales. According to the magazine Roadie Crew the album became one of the best selling albums in Brazil. ALMAH and “Fragile Equality” were recognized by the readers of Roadie Crew magazine (Brazil), by the contributors of the website Whiplash (Brazil) and the website Rock Undeground (Brazil) as THE BEST BRAZILIAN BAND 2008, THE BEST ALBUM 2008, THE BEST ARTWORK 2008 among other nominations awarded to Almah musicians.

“Fragile Equality” in mass media: Metal Temple website (Greece) 4.5/5 (excellent), Novo Metal website (Brazil) 9.0/10, Lords Of Metal website (Holland) 80/100, Rock Eyez website 4.5/5, Pavillon 666 website (France) 9/10, Whiplash (Brazil) 9/10 among many other reviews.

The Fragile Equality tour started in São Paulo in November 2008 and finished in April 2009 in Rio de Janeiro. In July and August 2008 ALMAH played on the main stage of musical festivals PÍAUI POP and PORÃO DO ROCK.

In January 2009 Almah launched the new video clip Beyond Tomorrow. It was filmed in December 2008 in the capital of Brazil – Brasília by Rodrigo Gianetto who works also for MTV Brazil.

The band has its own fan clubs all around the world, in Europe, Japan, Russia and, of course, Brazil. In March 2009 the band released its first Internet single All I Am (with acoustic version of this song) through its Brazilian Equality Fan Club.

Angra returned to the high activities in March 2009 but Almah announced the start of composing songs for the follower of “Fragile Equality” which is to be released in 2010."

Paulo Schroeber solo "End Ever" from Astafix (June 2009)

Paulo Schroeber Official Youtube Channel

Paulo Schroeber "Rock It" (June 2009)

Paulo Schroeber Official Youtube Channel

Paulo Schroeber "To My Father" (July 2008)

Paulo Schroeber Official Youtube Channel

Paulo Schroeber interviewed by French Fans

Interview published on August 2009 on Almah France Official Blog :

Almah France : Hi Paulo ! Could you introduce yourself for French and Japanese public, please ?

Paulo : I'm Paulo Schroeber, I was born in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on August 18 th, 1973, I love tattooing, playing guitar and above all live and breathe music.

Almah France : When did you start to learn to play guitar ?

Paulo : I started playing when I was 15 years old, so I play for 20 years now.

Almah France : Could you say more about your solo album ? Have you already recorded it ? When your album will be released ? And where , only in Brazil or in the rest of the world ?

Paulo : For sure ! My album is being recorded right now, and I'll get the mix on August, to be ready early September I think. On this album, I explore some other ideas, because beside Heavy Metal, I love other sounds like rock and fusion. The sale will be in principle only available on my Myspace page : www.myspace.com / pauloschroeber

Almah France : What did you learn with Almah (in studio, on stage) ?

Paulo : I had already some studio and live background but it was cool because I had never played in a big band like Almah and receptivity of fans made me very happy.

Lupi Blue :What kind of strings do you use ?

Paulo : I use Elixir 0.10 strings.

Frogfingers : Have you got a particular training before starting to play guitar ?

Paulo : I do some coordination exercices in order to warm up and also play some licks before the shows.

Frogfingers : When did you start to feel free on your instrument, with a good musical vocabulary ? (How many years after beginning practice ?)

Paulo : I'm still trying to reach a good vocabulary !! Huahuahua ... I think with 5 years of practice a person could have more freedom with the instrument, but as music has many languages, this question is very hard to answer with precision.

Shred 666 : What are your main influences and your favorit bands or musicians ?

Paulo : With any doubt Tony Iommi, Jason Becker, Dimebag Darrel e Andrés Segovia.

Metallaw : Hi Paulo ! I’d like to know what do you think about guitar schools like Berkley ? Do you think it’s the only way to learn to play ?How did you learn to play ? in a music school ?

Paulo : I think they are great schools, but nowadays with easy access to information on internet, you can play very well without going at school, without problems. I personally learned to play alone, I never had a guitar teacher, except for classical guitar.

Metallaw : Do you listen a lot of music ? What are you listening besides metal ?

Paulo : I love Andres Segovia, Bach, Allan Holdsworth, Jason Becker, Greg Howe, Scott Henderson and some bands like Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, etc. ...

Pimousse : Hi Paulo ! I’d like to know if you have hobbies besides music ?

Paulo : I like hang out and have a drink with my friends, that's surely my biggest hobby, but I also like to see some movies and read some books.

Pimousse : About the Fragile Equality Tour : have you got some anecdotes to tell us?

Paulo : Hahaha ... was it worse than quiet, it was very cool in Natal, where we made a suicidal ride on Buggy, and in Salvador, where I and Marcelo Moreira took all the beers at the local pub!"

Thanks a lot to Paulo Schroeber for the interview !
The whole Almah France team takes this opportunity to wish him a very happy birthday (with a few days late ...)

Almah France Official Blog

Paulo's interview on Guitar Player

Here is an English translation of an interview of Paulo Schroeber and marcelo Barbosa, published on Guitar Player in May 2009.

"Fragile Equality is the name of Almah's second album, which has as a leader the singer Edu Falaschi (Angra). The ten tracks of the album show a fantastic instrumental work, performed by Marcelo Barbosa (guitar), Paulo Schroeber (guitar), Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Marcelo Moreira (drums), in add of the powerful voice of Falaschi. The arrangements are amazing, heavy and devastating solos impress the all CD. Check out the interview with Marcelo Barbosa and Paulo Schroeber.

The guitars are at the perfect harmony on Fragile Equality, like double solos on “You’ll Understand”, for example. How it worked, this connection between you?

Marcelo : Look, thanks God, we didn’t have any problem regarding that. Paulo entered the band almost at the end of the process of pre-production, and he came full of ideas and arrangements for the songs. Also he composed some things with Edu and it was for good. We got to know each other one month before the recording or something like that and we got along with each other very well as the persons and as the musicians. That’s funny, but even during the recording both, Edu and Felipe, discussed that they already felt the influence of one to another regarding our concord and the way of playing. I hadn’t known about his work before he entered the band, but very fast he became a big friend of mine. I believe that our musical connection became possible due to respect and admiration from both sides.

Paulo : It was very natural and quiet. The link was immediat. We complement each other, because we have slightly different ways of playing

How did you enter Almah?

Marcelo : I entered during the first album tour. At that moment the band consisted of the members of Angra without guitarists, and Edu Ardanuy. After a few shows Edu (Ardanuy) decided to leave the band due to personal reasons, and he indicated my name for his place. I’d already known these people due to our meetings at workshops, shows in Brasília with my other band Khallice, and Expomusic. I suppose, it also made their decision easier. Edu got in touch with me and finally he said something like that: Ok, it’s great that you were found. The problem is the following - the next show is to be in 10 days, and you should learn all this repertoir, 20 songs including Angra, Almah and covers before the next week, so that we can do at least two rehearsals together, ok? :) And it was a period of time I don’t remember much about except rehearsing…

Paulo : Before joining the band, I did a test with Edu Falaschi, giving some ideas on Magic Flame and Meaningless World songs. Marcelo, I met him later, when we were doing some tests for the recording.

Very heavy riffs are a constant thing of the album. Was it decided beforehand for this disc, or did everything flow out naturally?

Marcelo : Both things. We had already had an idea that the album would sound heavier than the melodic metal albums that we considered as a reference. It guided us during the composing and producing of the album. Besides that, almost the all tuning settings of the CD are in Eb with sixth string in Db. Only this made the songs heavier and it was also put together with that fact that Paulo used the 7-strings guitar in some songs.

Paulo : During the pre-production, we made things intentionally a bit more direct , so that the album sounds heavier. I think to use on next album my 8 strings guitars, which are still in fabrication. For the new album, Marcelo and I want to reduce keyboards place and leave more space for guitars."

What kind of electric and acoustic guitars did you use?

Marcelo : Basically I used my Tagima MB-1, my signature model, and for some rhythm parts a Carvin, which belonged to the studio, it had a hard tail and it was equipped with hard gauge strings, 0,13 I guess. The location of Almah musicians is a bit complicated. I live in Brasília, Paulo and Moreira live in Caxias do Sul. We finished all electric guitar parts close to the flight time to come back home. Thus, the recording of the acoustic guitar parts planned to be done after the electric guitars, were played by Edu himself and Felipe. They did it very well. They used Yamaha acoustic guitars.

Paulo : I used an Ibanez Universe, a 7 strings Carvin, an ESP, also 7 strings, and Marcelo's Tagima.

Did the guitars are totally your responsibility?

Marcelo : Working in Almah we all have some good freedom to choose, even knowing that sometimes it can generate some certain climate. We knew that every individual part affected the final result, affected everything. Edu presented some ideas, yes, and he chose among others Paulo and me worked at. He did a job of the album producer, besides being the founder of the project, and even having some certain freedom for the others practically everything was being done under his decisions, which is natural under these kind of circumstances.

Paulo : We are totaly free when we composed, especially for solos. I wanted to put a little part of my sound and I was very satisfred with the result. Edu brought melodies and some bases. Then, Marcelo and I did necessary adjustments. But I have also composed songs from the beginning, like Brids Of Prey.

Which effects were used in order to achieve this kind of sound of this CD?

Marcelo : We used my Marshall preamp valve JMP-1 connected with Mesa Boogie Strategy 500 equipped with a cabinet of 4 x 12, also Marshall. In some moments we also used a stack 5150 of Peavey. Besides that, according to what every song required, we used different pedals like boosts (mainly, for the solos and some melodies) and one or another effect. I remember that Shred Pro and Dual Chorus by NIG were used and some others like Full Drive by Fulltone and Phaser by Van Halen by MXR.

Having two extra class guitarists in one band, how did it works, the process of dividing the solos and bases without fight of egos in the studio?

Marcelo : We tried to divide the solos and passages rather in some equilibrium manner. We didn’t have any problem with that, it was a thing quite natural for us. We don’t have lead guitarist in Almah, like in some bands. Both played the roles of soloist and of rhythmist. It was some new experience for me to play together with another guitarist and I’ve used it for learning, not only the guitar.

Paulo : we divided all and there was never any fight of egoes between Marcelo and me. If one of us want to play a riff or a solo, the other accepted without any problem.

Tell us about your other projects.

Marcelo : I play in two other bands. Khallice is a prog metal band already known by a big part of Brazilian metal audience, the band is going to do its second release soon. Zero10 is a band formed by childhood friends I have a pleasure to play with every week in night clubs in Brasília for almost 10 years. We play the best of pop, rock and metal of all the times. Since I adore to play live Zero10 supports this kind of desire when the shows are regular. Besides that, I’m the founder and the owner of GTR Guitar Institute that already for 15 years graduates professional musicians and music-lovers. At the moment I’m working a lot at my instrumental compositions. I suppose to record my first solo CD still this year, if everything works.

Paulo : I'm recording an instrumental album. The recording sessions will begin in April. I have also another band, Hammer 67, which is a rock/ industrial metal band. The album will be out in November."

Guitar Player Magazine

Fragile Equality : best album of 2008 !

Published on January 2009 by the most important Brazilian Metal website Whiplash :

The Brazilian metal website Whiplash (one of the most important from Brazil), elected Fragile Equality as the best album of 2008 and more ....

  • Best national band of 2008
  1. Almah
  2. Torture Squad
  3. Hangar
  • Best national CD of 2008 :
  1. Fragile Equality (Almah)
  2. Hellbound (Torture Squad)
  3. Southern Storm (Krisiun)
  • Best national cover album of 2008 :
  1. Fragile Equality (Almah)
  2. Brainworms I (Bittencourt Project)
  3. Southern Storm (Krisiun)
  • Best national show of 2008 :
  1. Matanza
  2. Almah
  3. Andre Matos
  • Best national singer of 2008 :
  1. Andre Matos
  2. Edu Falaschi (Almah)
  3. Nando Fernandes (Hangar)
  • Best national bass player of 2008 :
  1. Felipe Andreoli (Almah)
  2. Luis Mariutti (Andre Matos)
  3. Nando Mello (Hangar)
  • Marcelo Moreira has been selected in the national drummers top 10 of 2008

Congratulations Almah !!!


Paulo's interview on Cover Guitarra

Published on Cover guitarra on January 2009 :

Here is the translation of an interview gave by Paulo Schroeber and Marcelo Barbosa for the Brazilian magazine Cover Guitarra in September 2008.

Thanks to Irina Almah of Russia for the link and the English translation!

Cover Guitarra : I was impressed to hear this connection between both of you, especially in such songs like Birds Of Prey and Meaningless World. How did you decide “where everyone of you plays” in each song? Did you do it in some intuitive way or was every harmony analyzed in order to refrain from repetition?

Marcelo: This division came naturally enough, we didn’t have any difficulty concerning that. Intuition, good taste and sensitivity were the factors that guided us to this kind of decision. Rapidly, it had become very clear regarding who had to play and where. In Almah we don’t have a lead guitarist and a second guitarist like many other bands. We both have enough of space and enough of power to make decisions. Although we’ve got to know each other only during the process of the album production, our connection, both musical and personal, occurred quickly. For sure, it affected the music we were playing. Interestingly enough, we had known each other with Paulo for so little time before the recording, but on the last days when we were recording guitar solos Felipe and Edu could listen to my solo in some song thinking that it’s Paulo’s one and on the contrary, listening to Paulo’s solo in the other song could think that this one was mine. Edu was even kidding that we joined together and turned into just one guitar player. I consider it as a compliment. Without this respect and admiration from both sides such result could have never been reached.

Paulo: Despite style differences between us, everything was balanced very well. I believe that Marcelo and me are learning a lot one from another, before and after this CD and it makes our collaboration even more healthy and useful. We have complete understanding of what kind of space each of us can have in every song and it’s divided in a very reasonable way. We have a kind of mutual admiration and respect first of all, the critical factor for collaboration in a band.

Cover Guitarra : How did each of you receive an invitation to join the band? Under what circumstances did it happen?

Marcelo: In my case it was in August 2007. Almah were doing a tour supporting the release of the first CD having in its line-up all members of Angra except Kiko (Loureiro) and Rafael (Bittencourt) but with Edu Ardanuy playing the guitars. Right in the beginning, Edu had to leave because of the tour dates of his main band Dr.Sin. He indicated my name for his replacement, and as far as Angra’s fans had already known me due to Khallice, they decided to call me to join the band. I entered the band in 10 days before the first show with me and we had only two rehearsals. I was puzzled a lot, but I accepted this challenge believing in the great opportunity there. Besides the great challenge, it was also a big responsibility because actually at that moment I was substituting three great national guitar names: Kiko, Rafael and Edu. We finished the tour (15 shows, if I’m not mistaken) in the beginning of November and after some line-up changes in the band in January 2008 Edu, Felipe and me began to work at the pre-production of Fragile Equality.

Paulo: It was necessary to have one more guitarist in the band due to some style changing from the first to the second album. I’ve already been acquainted with Marcelo (Moreira, Almah’s drummer) for some years, and he told Edu Falaschi about me and I passed some test finishing the arrangements of two songs – Meaningless World and Magic Flame. I created some phrases and parts of these songs. It was a marathon because Edu is a real workaholic. I remember us working 15 hours (plus or minus) per day at the songs, having some sleep and then beginning everything again. After being approved by the rest of the band and joined officially, I spent two weeks more doing the final arrangements. Everything at that time was very new for me, everything was happening very quickly, but I became very happy by the fact that after many years my work was recognized by these people, and under such circumstances when the CD should have been ready in a short term.

Cover Guitarra : Another thing that impressed me a lot is the tone of the guitars. When have you got it to this level? How did this search go, allowing you to get a much more rude but “organic” sound in comparison with, for example, Angra?

Marcelo: Before getting to this point, we had a few dead-ends. Some wanted to have a sound more “traditional for heavy metal”. Paulo and me were inclining to try something different which could sound good but wouldn’t necessary be the pattern of sound 90% of the bands use. We wanted to reach some common ground and it gave us the direction. After many conversations we came to some common sense, to a mixture of two distinct sounds of the guitar, which summed up resulting in the sound one can hear on the disc. We would like to do a heavy CD, with the guitar sound powerful and definite, but with its own identity at the same time. I became very happy with the result. The experience Edu and Felipe had as producers helped us a lot, especially with the mixing. After everything was recorded, during the mixing each instrument was brought to the same level as the others, and reaching the balance between these sounds was a real art.

Paulo: We were between traditional sound of Mesa/Boogie and Marshall. We ended up with the option of some hybrid sound because we would like it to sound as much different as possible within the style and, by obvious motives, without similarity with Angra, as far as these comparisons were inevitable. Besides that, among all the possibilities the sound should have given us our proper identity. And that became clear also with the solos, because there every one did simply what he wanted respecting the tone, the taste and the imprint of another one.

Cover Guitarra : How have you been involved in the process of writing all the stuff?

Marcelo: This is a good question. I’m from Brasilia, Paulo and Moreira are from Caxias do Sul, Edu and Felipe are from Sao Paolo, so we arranged our meetings, sometimes in SP, sometimes in Brasilia for composing and pre-production. At the beginning there were only Edu, Felipe and me. Then Moreira entered the band and joined the sessions. Finally, Paulo came in. Though we had already come to the finish line at that time, Paulo became very important for the whole process, because he stepped in with many cool ideas and he greatly helped with finishing some songs and also with the composition of the others. Fairly speaking, I couldn’t refrain from mentioning that Edu had enough useful ideas, but no matter whose name is under which song, all of us were involved in the whole process, at one moment giving our view regarding the arrangements, at another changing a harmony or a guitar riff. The geography of the band members made the whole thing a little bit difficult, but finally it worked and the CD took only six months to be ready. Taking into account everything – composing, arranging, pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering, we can arrive to the conclusion, that no CD has ever been done so quickly. (laughs).

Paulo: I spent two weeks finishing arrangements in Edu’s house. It was when Birds Of Prey song appeared. I remember that Edu came up with the idea of this song recorded on Ipod, he even sang the opening riff, and the chemistry was so strong, so in that way the whole song appeared just in a few hours. I feel very proud to compose the instrumental part in the middle. After some time, already in the studio we increased thirds and divided the solos. The basis of certain songs, like Beyond Tomorrow, was quite simple, and we worked the songs up in accordance with our taste. As far as we were totally free regarding the solos, we tried to use some things not very common for the style and we are really satisfied with the final result.

Cover Guitarra : What were the most important lessons you’ve got during the studio work, concerning the tone and recording of the guitars?

Marcelo: I had already had some good experience of studio work, but not the same like Edu and Felipe had. The most interesting thing was the opportunity to see that there’re various ways for production of something, which can lead to a good result. The methodology they use is quite different from that one I’ve got accustomed to, but I believed in heavy metal experience of these persons and the results were excellent. It wasn’t any revolutionary method of recording and tone. As for me, the main lessons concerned personal point of view and relationships. We spent many days very close to each other in the studio, recording from Monday to Monday, mainly from midday till midnight. We were very tired, but that was worth of it. Regardless of all, I believe that after this recording I became a better guitarist both on my technical level and on the level of producer requirements.

Paulo: The main lesson for me was the amount of distortion that was used during the recording. Today I play with the tone which is quite cleaned up, but which is still as heavy as before. Besides that, although I had already had some studio experience it was not on such a level, because this time everything had to be done perfectly.

Cover Guitarra : Marcelo, what’s the current situation with Khallice? Do you continue as a member of the band or are you going to consider Almah as a priority?

Marcelo: I continue as a member of the band, we should play with Symphony X here in Brasilia (the interview was done in September 2008). Khallice is a project I established still at that time when I was a teenager and it’s very special for me. We released the first CD through Magna Carta, one EP with six songs in the first half of this year and we need some time to finish our second disc, we’re going to release it in the beginning of 2009. But everything depends on the schedule of Almah in the next year. To be honest, now I have to consider Almah as a priority, because there’s no use trying to be everywhere investing time, dedication, money, if you are not able to gather all the harvest. I believe a lot in Fragile Equality, Almah is in a very good period with many cool things, which can happen. The things are going really cool and we feel very good. Thus, now it’s a moment to work up in order to make these things real. We have an excellent product in our hands and we need to work at it, to promote it and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. Thanks God, my partners from Khallice completely understand it. When they were staying together for some days during the recording in Sao Paolo we started the ties of friendship with Almah people. When we meet, it can be in Sao Paolo or in Brasilia, we always have a great party together.

Cover Guitarra : Is Almah a real band with its proper and independent way, solid line-up or is it just a side project of Edu, where all the decisions are made by him?

Marcelo: Almah has turned into a real band. We are living and making the most important decisions in a democratic way in most cases. It’s clear that as far as Edu had already had the contracts with international labels and producers with the first CD, a lot of things were in his hands but we trusted his experience within this market. He always discusses the options and the attitude with everybody. We have an enterprise, No Laço Music, where we all are equal concerning our rights as well as our obligations. We know that it’s not so easy to keep this “equilibrio” – from the name of the album – but our intention is to have something cool in our career for everybody of us five, from artistic and financial points of view. It’s clear because no one lives only by the dreams.

Cover Guitarra : Didn’t you feel some kind of embarrassment working with two musicians with bigger experience from the marketing point of view, like with Edu and Felipe?

Marcelo: I don’t think it might be called as an “embarrassment”. To be honest, I’m very happy with everything that happens in the band and with the fact that I’m there. I keep telling that a band is a marriage of five (in our case) people. It is known that in some moments it’s not easy at all to support healthy relationships just with one person. Imagine how it works between five different heads, which one with its own proper life experience, its proper culture – or the absence of it (laughs) – its proper values, and they have to co-exist at one place, to choose ways, to make decisions, which affect all. Regardless of having Edu and Felipe in the band, there are moments of disagreement, but nothing beyond the stuff that can happen in any other work. The importance of this moment means to put the ego away, to be able to talk, to hear and to have a good feeling for choosing the best way for the band, not for oneself. And still it’s going in this way. I think, the experience we’ve got in other bands helps us to avoid certain mistakes. We are working in the way, which I consider to be the most appropriate."

Almah's interview on Spirit Of Metal

Published on Spirit Of Metal on last January 2009 :

Almah is Brazilian power metal band, known in the first place by the name of vocalist Edu Falaschi, who is the singer of Angra. But other musicians are also worth your attention, and we sent some questions to them. So now we have some interesting details! Enjoy!

Edu, are you going to continue writing songs about human’s feelings?

Edu Falaschi: I like to think and talk about our existence and human being, it’s important for me to at least try to understand people’s thoughts, lives, ideas and behaviour. I use to meet, talk and interact with many people in the world and it’s interesting to see how they are so different and at the same time so similar.

Do you really think that it’s possible to reveal in one 5 minutes song such a complicated subject as a subject of human felling, love for example? Is it possible to get together a few pieces like that, as songs for a complete album, and to impress all your feelings and thoughts for the audience? What about Fragile Equality from this point of view?

Edu Falaschi : I can talk about love even with one look. Fragile Equality talks about balance, and you can note it everywhere on the CD, the balance is in the cover, it’s in the style of the tracks, it’s in the lyrics, it’s everywhere.

Don’t you think that this is a bit presuming to try to reveal such global subjects in every album? Don’t you think, that power metal style is too much simple and straightforward music to impress such tangled and deep ideas?

Edu Falaschi : The first Almah’s album talks about our different feeling, but this time Fragile Equality talks about BALANCE. It’s totally different.....mmm....or not? Maybe you’re right! Hahaha! Almah is not simple and it’s not obvious and it’s a fresh and modern Power Metal band. Sometimes you think something is very simple, but it depends on the Angle you are analyzing such things, did you see a petal flower in a microscope? There is a universe inside of it.

Are you trying to make a kind of balance when you use complicated philosophical lyrics/ideas and compose more simple, less progressive music, but with more straight melodies?

Edu Falaschi : That’s a very nice point of view! That’s something you got. We need this balance in everything to co-exist and be centrated, since between the planets until the cells in our blood. All is in a perfect harmony. When the balance is gone, things start degenerating.

You are a top metal vocalist in Brazil. Do you try (as a rock star) to help somehow to young bands there?
Edu Falaschi : I already do it, through the vocal clinics I use to do in Brazil and now I’m organizing my time to start my works as a producer with new Brazilian bands.

Are you religious person? Did you specially search for the name of the band in Bible? What do you think about new 7 deadly sins?

Edu Falaschi : I’m not religious. I believe in energy, faith, action and reaction. I just found out this name and I thought the meaning is very interesting.

Question to both Marcelo and Paulo, how did you get in touch with Almah, how were your first meeting with the band?

Marcelo Moreira (drums): I played with my band Burning in Hell at six Angra shows and did many workshops with Edu and Felipe. When Almah started to think about a new drummer, I was travelling with Edu doing workshops in the south, north and northeast of Brazil. Edu saw how I was playing and invited me. When I joined Almah, they were in the beginning, composing new songs. So I worked together with all musicians. They were working at some ideas and I helped to finish all the songs. For me it was an excellent study. Joining a new band with excellent musicians can teach one a lot.
Marcelo Barbosa (guitars): I knew the members of Almah for years because my band Khallice played with Angra sometimes. The guitarist that was there before me is a huge friend of mine and indicated me when left. I leave in another city, far from São Paulo, where Edu and Felipe lives and Edu gave me a call inviting me to join the group, not only to make the 2007 tour. So, I knew that I was a band member since the invitation...

Paulo Schroeber (guitars): I got in touch trough Marcelo Moreira, who invited me to do a test for the band, I made a phone call to Edu, and when I came to his home we ended the Magic Flame and Meaningless World pre-production in two days. After a week, Edu told me that I was definitely in the band. To get involved with the work was easy, and it happened in a natural way, besides Edu Falaschi is a extremely accessible person. I´ve been involved and played Metal since early times.

Marcelo, do you like only power metal? Do you listen to other styles of music?

Marcelo Moreira (drums): I listen to many styles, from Hard Rock to Death Metal and other different styles like Latin music, afro music, Brazilian music and others that help me a lot to be a better drummer.
Marcelo, isn’t it too hot to play drums in Brazil?

Marcelo Moreira (drums): Hehehe In the south where I live it is cold like in Europe. Some days in the winter we have 0 - +5C degrees. But in some regions of Brazil it’s very hot to play. In some cases it’s difficult… it’s like to play for 6 hours hehe while the show has only 1:30hs or 2hs.

Do you normally read album reviews to your records in magazines and webzines?

Marcelo Moreira (drums): I always do that. I like a lot to know what people think about my work. I always want to do better work, so this is important to know, what reviews say and what people think about all this!

Marcelo Barbosa (guitars): Unfortunally, I have no time for it. Sometimes I do but it is an exception. Normally I prefer to do something else when I have some free time...
Paulo Schroeber (guitars): Yes, I read some of them, but I can’t say that they influence on my work in present and future.

Do you like to be a rock-star?

Marcelo Moreira (drums): It’s a very good life, it’s different but very interesting! But I live my life as a drummer who works hard. Sometimes people think that musicians don’t work hehehe. But it’s very good to create something that people like a lot!
Paulo Schroeber (guitars): I think that it’s a dream of every person who deals with rock music, right? I’ve always tried not to loose the ground because of that, I’ve always been calm about it, I am not going to let the fame get into my head so much to fray relations with people. But of course yes, recognition from the public is very pleasant for me.

Which other musical instruments can you play?

Marcelo Moreira (drums): I play the guitar and the bass. When I was young I saw that I need more than only drums to create music. So I started to learn. It helps me a lot to understand what the other musicians in the band think when they play something. When you understand the brain of the other instruments you can create better music.

Marcelo Barbosa (guitars): I play acoustic guitars, bass and try to sing sometimes... LOL

Question to Marcelo Barbosa. You founded the Institute of Guitar (GTR), can you tell us about it? How did you get such idea of the Institute?

Marcelo Barbosa (guitars): GTR is a project that I’m working for twelve years now. It began like a guitar Institute but now we have classes for bassists, vocalists and acoustic guitar players too. I’m responsible for all didactic material of the guitar course and we have more then six hundred students in three schools. Four years ago I decided to franchise GTR and some people get interested and now we have three schools in Brasilia. The idea started when I was a teenager. At that time, information about was very ifficult to find here inBrazil, and basically, only who had money to travel to USA could study music in a school like GIT or Berkley. At that time my family didn’t had the money to send me to the USA so I started to wonder about open a music school specialized on the guitar. We hadn’t this here at that time and it was something brand new. Of course it is something adapted to our reality, doing business in Brazil is totally different of in the USA.

Is this Institute big? What kinds of guitar techniques students study?

Marcelo Barbosa (guitars): It is relatively big. We have many students and it’s growing up year bu year. We try to teach music, not one specific style or genre. Rock, Metal, Jazz, Country and Brazilian music is some of the approaches here. About techniques we deal with as many subjects we can, and each student applies it to his reality.
Paulo, can you tell us what tattoo do you have and what do they mean?
Paulo Schroeber (guitars): most of my tattoos are from local artists, from the region where I live – south of Brazil. My left hand is fully covered with pictures in bio-mechanical style done by artist Luchano Rossi, on the right hand and left leg I have 2 more tattoos: stylized fire and one more bio-mechanical, made by artist Ale Amorin. And on the right shoulder is a picture in the same style, made by tattoo master Kabelu. These tattoos didn’t have any specific meaning when they were made, except the visual. Just two of them are dedicated to my friend who died in motorcycle accident, where I also was... And also a picture of Jesus on my leg, with horns and white eyes, and that means everything I think about religions, which just pull money from people.

Paulo, when are you going to release your solo album?

Paulo Schroeber (guitars): I have preproduction of the whole album ready on my computer, I am going to start recordings in January of 2009, because Almah is touring the whole December along North of Brazil. I’m very pleased with material, because I managed to gather on the disc different music styles and tendencies, which I analyze and study, like fusion and Brazilian music, of course besides rock and metal. Release of the CD planned planned for August 2009, and I hope I’ll be satisfied with the result.

Paulo, are you satisfied with the reaction of fans and professionals about Fragile Equality? Is it what you expected?

Paulo Schroeber : Yes, I’m very satisfied with the reaction of fans ans mass-media, I get a lot of congratulations for guitar work on this CD, and it gives me feeling of deep contentment. And of course I have expected such positive reaction.

Can you remember any funny cases that took place in the studio or at the concerts?

Marcelo Moreira (drums): Once I saw a fan with my cymbal! Hehehe When I start to play more hard my cymbals start falling down into a crowd, especially in small venues like at that time. So I had to ask that fan to give it back to me hehe.

Paulo Schroeber (guitars): I remember how we recorded guitars during just one week, it was so fast that we didn’t have time to sleep enough when we had to go to studio again. And still we with Barbosa have found some minutes to drink beer and play billiards, and that was really fun! And also I remember shurrasko, which people did in Brasilia. Meat was cooked by Moreira who persuade us that he knows how to do it. But it was salted so much that it was almost impossible to eat! Must drink a few beers to cool mouth...

Marcelo Barbosa (guitars): Though pasta that time was quite good… About meat, there was one more moment, when we first time worked at my place in Brasilia. I live alone, and often I don’t have some necessary things that keep women in a house. We did meat for barbeque, I put it at first to the plastic bag, and this bag I put into bucket to bring it all to the roof, where is place for rest for people of our house (swimming pool, barbeque). As I couldn’t take everything at one rime, I had to leave bucket and return later… When I went back, I saw that Moreira is going to mix and salt meat right in this bucket, and by the way usually I wash floor using it… I shouted «Moreira!!! No!!! Not in this bucket!!!!» So we worked…

Do you know any Russian bands?

Marcelo Moreira (drums): I know Rage’s guitars and I want to know more of Russian Bands: not only metal. I’m always looking for different music to learn more. All countries have their own culture. And we have excellent metal bands and excellent musicians in all countries.

Imagine situation: you have a concert in some big club. Suddenly electricity is cut off! What would you do?

Marcelo Moreira (drums): I’m a drummer. I don’t need Electricity. Hehehe. I don’t know what is better to do, maybe something acoustic where people will be the “singers”, or we could do an autograph session.

Spirit Of Metal

Paulo's interview for the Almah Official Russian website

Paulo Schroeber, interview for the Almah's official Russian website, December 2008 :

"Irina : Your date of birth?

Paulo Schroeber : 18/08/73

Irina : Your home city?

Paulo Schroeber : Caxias do Sul

Irina : Why did you decide to learn classical acoustic guitar?

Paulo Schroeber : Long time ago I saw one of my friends playing some pieces on the acoustic guitar, and since that day I have a passion to this instrument. Actually, I listen to many acoustic guitar players, but I still prefer Andres Segovia. Unfortunately, today I don’t play acoustic guitar due to my responsibilities with the electric guitar and the lack of time.

Irina : Why did you decide to continue with electric guitar?

Paulo Schroeber : This choice was natural, I couldn’t be dedicated to both instruments at once, so I did my choice for electric guitar.

Irina : Where did you learn music?

Paulo Schroeber : In one school in Caxias do Sul. And some time later I did some lessons with one jazz guitarist, Julio Herlein from Porto Alegre.

Irina : What are your favorite music, bands?

Paulo Schroeber : I like all the styles, but my favorite bands are the old ones - AC/DC and Black Sabbath.

Irina : How did you receive a proposal to join Almah?

Paulo Schroeber : It was from my friend Marcelo Moreira who has already worked with them before.

Irina : How was your first meeting with the band? How soon did it became clear that you're a good choice for the band?

Paulo Schroeber : It was a meeting with Edu Falaschi at his home, we finished two songs in two days (Magic Flame and Meaningless World), after that he presented me to the band and everyone approved me. One week later Edu sent me a mail confirming me as the new guitarist. To get involved with the work was easy, and it happened in a natural way, besides Edu Falaschi is an extremely accessible person.

Irina : How did you get involved in the workt on the new album? From which part of work?

Paulo Schroeber : I actively participated in pre-production, composing all my solos, some parts of the songs and improving riffs, besides the composing of Birds of Prey together with Edu.
Did it take some time to find a common guitar language with Marcelo Barbosa?
No, it was instantly, our chemistry has already begun right since the moment we were introduced to each other.

Irina :You can play different styles of music, but which one is your favorite?

Paulo Schroeber : I play various styles of music, but my favorite ones obviously are metal and fusion.

Irina : Do you have any job besides music? Maybe teaching or something like that?

Paulo Schroeber : I give lessons in my home and in one school, besides doing gigs with some local musicians.

Irina : When are you going to release your solo album?

Paulo Schroeber : was working on this for years, and just now I came to the opportunity to record it. I’ve been playing some different things on it, like jazz and fusion, besides metal and rock, for sure, I was very influenced by Marty Fiedman e Jason Becker, it will be a fantastic experience for me to be able to express my music on these styles. I wish the album to be released, at least, in the middle of the next year.

Irina : What tattoo do you have?

Paulo Schroeber : I have my left arm fully tattooed in a biomechanical style, made by an artist called Luciano Rossi, and in the right arm - stylized fire created by Alessandro Amorin, who also did some other works on my leg; and another biomechanical one on my right shoulder, done by Cabelo tattooist.

Irina, Almah Russia"

Thanks to the Almah's Japan webmaster for the link and to the Almah's Russia webmaster for the interview !

Almah's first clip : Beyond Tomorrow

Almah in shooting

Almah took advantage of his visit to Brasilia for the Fragile Equality Tour, to shoot the clip of the first Fragile Equality's single, under Rodrigo Gianetton conducting !

"Beyond Tomorrow" video-clip was launched in early 2009 :

Fragile Equality Tour 2008/2009

Here are the pics galleries of the Almah's Fragile Equality Tour 2008 /2009 :

  • Fragile Equality Tour 2009

* Almah, Otacon 2009, UNIP Brasilia (Brésil), galerie 2

* Almah, Otacon 2009, UNIP Brasilia (Brésil), galerie 1

* Almah, Space Rock, Santos (Brésil) 06/09/09, galerie 2

* Almah, Space Rock, Santos (Brésil) 06/09/09, galerie 1

* Ourinhos (Brésil) 01/08/09, galerie 1

* Manifesto Bar Sao Paulo (Brésil) 31/07/09, galerie 3

* Manifesto Bar Sao Paulo (Brésil) 31/07/09, galerie 2

* Manifesto Bar Sao Paulo (Brésil) 31/07/09, galerie 1

* San Remo, Jundiai (Brésil) 20/03/09, galerie 2

* San Remo, Jundiai (Brésil) 20/03/09, galerie 1

* Grito Rock Festival, Araraqura (Brésil) 28/02/09, galerie 2

* Grito Rock Festival, Araraquara (Brésil) 28/02/09, galerie 1

* Santo André (Brésil) 13/02/09, galerie 5

* Santo André (Brésil) 13/02/09, galerie 4

* Santo André (Brésil) 13/02/09, galerie 3

* Santo André (Brésil) 13/02/09, galerie 2

* Santo André (Brésil) 13/02/09, galerie 1

  • Fragile Equality Tour 2008

* Brasilia (Brésil) 19/12/08, galerie 2

* Brasilia (Brésil) 19/12/08, galerie 1

* Juazero Do Norte (Brésil) 14/12/08

* Teresina (Brésil) 13/12/08

* Sao Luis (Brésil) 12/12/08

* Natal (Brésil) 06/12/08

* Fortaleza (Brésil) 05/12/08

* Maceio (Brésil) 02/12/08

* Salvador de Bahia (Brésil) 29/11/08, galerie 2

* Salvador de Bahia (Brésil) 29/11/08, galerie 1

* SBC Metal Fest Sao Paulo (Brésil) 22/11/08, galerie 2

* SBC Metal Fest Sao Paulo (Brésil) 22/11/08, galerie 1

* Manifesto Rock Bar Sao Paulo (Brésil) 19/11/08, galerie 2

* Manifesto Rock Bar Sao Paulo (Brésil) 19/11/08, galerie 1

* Anime Friends (Brésil) 2008

Almah France Official Website

1rst comments of European Press about Fragile Equality

First comment of European Press about Fragile Equality - September 2008

“Sensational, fresh and up-to-date power metal with haunting melodies and charismatic appeal. My album of the year 2008 so far!” (Rock Hard)

"A definitive must-have for lovers of Helloween´s “Keeper…” times and early Angra!” (Metal Hammer)

“A hurricane of positive power, delight in playing and pure, first class melodic metal. Highly recommendable!” (Rock It)

“If you like Masterplan and Angra, you will love “Fragile Fragility” from ALMAH. 10 songs, 10 killers! Best power metal album released in 2008!” (Heavy)

“Angra meets Masterplan and Kamelot. Melodic, powerful, intense, progressive - this album has it all! (Break Out)

“Outstanding songwriting, perfect musical skills and the voice of Edu Falaschi in the best shape of his career make this a must have Far better than their first album!” (Hardline)

Fragile Equality : AFM Record Press release

AFM RECORD Press release - August 2008

"A lot of things have changed since the release of ALMAH´s debut album in March 2007. Once started as a project it has turned into a real band. And due to the break of singer Edu Falschi´s band ANGRA he is now able to concentrate 100 percent on ALMAH – the one and only legitimate successor!

Big words full of confidence, but it´s no wonder: the new ALMAH record “Fragile Equality” is a display of first class musicianship, compositions on the highest level and the voice of Edu Falaschi, who has never ever sounded better than here! In fact, “Fragile Equality” has the essence of the sound that ANGRA had evolved between 1992 and 2001.

But even more, in a stagnating genre this band is able to set new accents without losing grip to their traditional power metal. Diversity is the key. “Fragile Equality” starts with a pure power metal attack, named “Birds Of Prey”, then it continues with an action-packed symphonic anthem (“Beyond Tomorrow”) with a furious chorus, followed by “Magic Flame”, a melodic speed metal masterpiece. Songs like the progressive title track and “Torn” even include thrash metal-like elements, but all wrapped into velvet vocals melodies and fantastic harmonies. The (semi) ballad “Invisible Cage” also display the Brazilian folk roots that were a trademark of Angra, and a big part of the ALMAH debut from 2007.

But “Fragile Equality” ends just like it started, with a real metal song, reminiscent to a track like “Nova Era” (from Angra´s 2001 album “Rebirth”), but even richer and more powerful. That´s the big difference to the debut album: “Fragile Equality” is a fresh and immensely strong record that also has its silent moments, but overall it is much more a “metal album” than the debut was. It would be pure understatement not to say that it is even “a lesson in up-to-date power metal”.

After Edu Falaschi wrote the songs for the debut album all alone, he recorded “Almah” together with an all-star ensemble, consisting of Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish), Lauri Porra (Stratovarius) and Casey Grillo from Kamelot. Guest appearances of Mike Stone (Queensrÿche), Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin) rounded off the album but underlined the project character that ALMAH had in the early stages. But this momentum directly changed when ALMAH planned their first live gigs.

Therefore Edu put together a new line-up. So the band successfully toured and played at big festivals, one of them (Sao Paulo) saw ALMAH headline in front of 40.000 people. This concert was even broadcasted on national TV! A fantastic start for their collaboration, ALMAH prepared for their second studio album then.

To introduce the new line-up: besides Edu, who is of course handling the vocals, there we have Felipe Andreoli (Angra) on bass, the Berklee-graduated guitar wizard Marcelo Barbosa and his guitar partner Paulo Schroeber, as well as drummer Marcelo Moreira. All members have contributed actively to the songwriting process of “Fragile Equality”, with Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli being responsible for the production also. The album´s lyrical concept is about “the balance between all the elements of the universe “, based on a book that Edu was the cowriter for.

He plans to release the book (it is done in Manga style) sometime later, and firstly in Brazil only. The name of the book will be “Fragile Equality - Equinox-Book 1” and it will include a karaoke CD of the “Fragile Equality” album (without vocals), so the CD will be a “soundtrack” for the readers as well.

“Fragile Equality” will be released on September 24th in Asia/Brazil by JVC and LASER COMPANY RECORDS and October 17th in Europe/USA/Canada by AFM RECORDS .

Hearing is believing…"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Paulo Schroeber : Almah recording sessions videos

Fragile Equality - recording sessions - Norcal Studios (SP/Brazil) - June 2008

Paulo Schroeber Official Youtube Channel

Paulo Schroeber / Almah : interviews at Norcal Studio

Interviews and report at Norcal Studios during the recrding of Fragile Equality with Almah (2008) :

* Interview on Stay Heavy part I :

* Interview on Stay Heavy Part II :

* Interview on Supernovas :

Almah France Youtube Channel

Paulo Schroeber : recording sessions with Almah at Norcal Studio

"Guitar recording sessions was great, we had a lot of freedom to compose the solos and Barbosa and I along very fast in the studio.

The recording was performed at Norcal Studios with Brendan Duffey as coach.

The most important part of the solos was made right here, only two or three were composed at home, which was very cool because many good ideas have emerged here.

Equipement used to record rythm sections was a JMP1 plugged into a power Mesa Boogie Strategie 500.

And for the solos, we used a Peavey 5150, as you can see on pics.

I also used a boost pedal that I like a lot, the Fulltone Fast Boost, just to take in a softened tone."

"It was a little bit hard to use the Carvin at first, because we used 0.10 strings and 0.13 for the rythm sections ... the sound was animal !!!

For the solos I used Barbosa's guitar, but I also used my EMG to record some things."

"The creative process was so great, it's a job for which I'm proud to have participate and I'm delighted with the result, this work is one of the best I've done, for sure."

Paulo Schroeber.

Paulo Schroeber Official Myspace

Friday, December 11, 2009

Paulo Schroeber : last rehearsal before recording Fragile Equality with Almah

Before going to the studio to record Fragile Equality, Almah's members conducting the final rehearsals and decided to invite some fans to share this moment with them ! It was in May 2008.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Paulo Schroeber was born in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, on August 18, 1973. His first contact with music was at the age of 15, when his father gave him an acoustic guitar and he started to have some music classes.

When his was 18 left the academic studies apart and faced the music thing seriously, studying classic guitar for about three years. Since the early times his passion for classic music was evident, playing pieces from Villa Lobos, Bach and Sagreras.

In those days he has already developed a fascination for electric guitar players, like Jason Becker, Marty Friedman and Steve Morse so, at the same time he was having classes of acoustic guitar he was studying electric guitar by himself.

With his first band, a melodic death metal band called Fear Ritual, he featured a split CD by Wild Rags Records, in LA, having a good reception in the USA. Paulo has played for a short time in bands like Burning in Hell and Predator, working in some compositions and recording some material.
Besides that, with a cover band called Fallup, he done more than 200 shows over the state of Rio Grande do Sul, worked as side man for several artists, recorded and produced some albums too.

With the band called Naja, he recorded an album and a DVD by Tridente Records, and this band won the Açorianos Prize of best singer on their style.

Besides his work as guitar player, Paulo had been giving private guitar classes, and also in some of the best music schools in the region, having names as Cassio Vianna and Daniel Suliani (Abomination) between his most brilliant students.

His influences go trough rock, jazz and fusion, and metal, in all their forms and variations, with no room to radicalisms or prejudices. Between his favorite musicians are Andrés Segovia, Paco de Lucia, John Maclauglin, Al Di Meola, Tony Iommi, Angus Young, Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth, and others.

Now he’s priority work is with the band Almah, which counts with Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli, both form Angra. Almah recently released his second album called FragileEquality. Besides Almah, Paulo is working in three projects: his solo album, which is about to be released in August 2009; the second album of Fear Ritual; and the album of his rock/industrial metal band called Hammer 67, with forecast to release an album at the same period.

For more news : Paulo Schroeber Official Myspace