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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Astafix : Paulo Schroeber in the band's interview for Hornsup

Paulo Schroeber recently gave an interview (in Portuguese) with his band's mates from Astafix for Hornsup website. In this interview, the musicians speak about the most topical subjects of the current moment in the band’s career. Here is an English translation of the answers of Paulo Schroeber ! Enjoy ;)

A year of band, a super praised album, two clips, a Chilean tour and you still think that's only the band from a CPM's former ? Astafix has talked with us and revealed some details about the recording of "End Ever", with the participation of Andreas Kisser and gave some news about the band's walking plans. Check out the chat with Wally (vocals, guitar) Ayka (bass and vocals), Paulo (guitar) and Thiago (drums).

Hornsup : With the success of the album "End Ever", you have done several shows in Brazila and were awarded as metal revelation of 2009 by the readers of the magazine Roadie Crew. What is the importance and the impact of this award ?

Paulo : It's true ! We didn't expect it, and when we looked at Roadie Crew we were very happy, it's great to see our work recognized in this way because we had no idea that we would win this award. We are a relatively new band on national scene,and winning this award was very gratifying for us, because in addition to make stronger the interest of the public for the band, we were working hard to spread "End Ever" at the time, it's also reinforces the fact that Asatfix is here to stay.

Hornsup : Your tour took place in Chile, how was the shows ?

Paulo : It was very interesting to know other cultures, other people, especially in a wonderful country as Chile. Because, besides great food, Chileans are very welcoming and friendly people. I made many friends there, and I hope to see my Chilean Brothers soon. And of course, I can't fail to mention that they have one of the best beers I've ever had the pleasure to drink !

Hornsup : Do you think it's normal, especially with the more extreme bands, that apparently happen in a scene more friendly than pop, for example, where the natural competition appears to be more competitive and less united ?

Paulo : I think everything nowadays, which is exclusively based on profits generates this kind of situation, regardless the job. In music, it couldn't be different. But when you do a real job, when you put your heart in your music, competitiveness disappears, generating a collective affinity between the bands and also the public.

Hornsup : The influences of most bands are usally Slayer, Metallica, Sabbath, AC/DC, these are pratically unanimous. Being such great influences as well for you, what do you consider as bands that currently able to innovate and be as striking as these ? Who do you usally hear and follow ?

Paulo : I've always like Venom, hellhammer and Celtic Frost, and now the new album of Tom Warrior, Triptykon which kills.

Hornsup : After a year together, how much is boring (if it's bothered at some point) to be the new band of Wally (ex-CMP) ?

Paulo : it doesn't bother me, Wally spent some time in medias for a while, this is inevitable. I think it's normal and transitional, and I believe that soon, people will no longer refer to the past of anyone in Astafix.

Hornsup : Except Wally, all still playing with their original bands, Astafix is now your priority ?

Paulo : Yes, I'm still playing in all my original bands. I started playing with Almah, who takes a break now, I got my industrial metal band here in my region, Hammer 67, and I'm finishing my instrumental project. I'm always trying to work equally on my projects, but now Astafix is my main focus because we are working hard in producing the DVD "Live in São Paulo" and we are already composing several songs for our new album."

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