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Friday, October 22, 2010

Paulo Schroeber / Astafix, "Desordem e Retrocesso" : press clipping

Brazilian band Astafix has recently launched his 2nd official video-clip "Desordem e Retrocesso" (from the album, End Ever, 2009), the only composition with lyrics in Portuguese. In this video, you can see a greedy political watching some scenes of miseries on television alternating with scenes of the band in a shantytown from São Paulo.

Here is an English translation of the lyrics :

Disorder and regression

Disorder and regression
Future of the Nation
The country is not going forward
Why is full of motherfuckers
Disorder and Regression
No future
Disorder and Regression

Press clipping regarding the launching of "Desordem e Retrocesso" (in Portuguese) :

  • GUITAR PLAYER - http://guitarplayer.uol.com.br/?area=detalheNoticia&id=1111
  • PORTAL ROCK PRESS ("new videos" part) - http://www.portalrockpress.com.br/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=4390
  • BANDAS DE GARAGEM UOL - http://bandasdegaragem.uol.com.br/dagaragem.php?id_dagaragem=1231
  • WHIPLASH - http://whiplash.net/materias/news_858/116949-astafix.html
  • STAY HEAVY - http://stayheavy.com/pt/noticias.php?nID=7369
  • ROCK ON STAGE - http://www.rockonstage.org/principal/rockonstageframe.htm
  • UNIVERSO DO ROCK - http://www.universodorock.com/noticias.asp?cod=12420
  • HEAVY N ROLL - http://heavynrollmessenger.blogspot.com/2010/10/desordem-e-retrocesso-novo-clipe-do.html
  • TERRITÓRIO DA MUSICA (TERRA) - http://www.territoriodamusica.com/noticias/?c=24210
  • ROCK WAY - http://www.rockway.com.br/category/noticias/
  • CIDADE WEB METAL - http://cidadewebmetal.oi.com.br/Notas/Listar/9383/
  • MIXX MAG - http://www.diasdefuria.net/wp/2010/10/11/astafix-desordem-e-retrocesso-video/
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