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Friday, October 15, 2010

Paulo Schroeber / Hammer 67 : Reaction / Drawn By The Tides video

From Paulo Schroeber Official Myspace :

Paulo Schroeber : "Here's another video of the lyrics of Reaction and Drawn By The Tides of Hammer 67 (Mental, Illness, 2010), in order to know better our work.



Born in 2006 with Paulo Schroeber and Niuton Paganella (vocals), Hammer 67 started as a project based on heavy guitar riffs and industrial beats, where they could explore their musical experiences and creativity freely. After a bunch of reunions and discussions, they started to play and record.
After some time they got a dozen of tracks that they consider ready; they got an incentive from Caxias do Sul city hall called Fundoprocultura, and so the album could be recorded. The project, and after the band, was baptized in homage of a great old band form their city called “Aliança Rebelde’s”; which have a song called “Martelinho 67”. After two years of work, “Mental Illness” came out of the factory and now is available; with twelve tracks of a blasting sound and a new and different musical approach. For the drumming they invite Rodrigo Zorzi and the bass was played by Marcio Venz.

The final result was so pleasant for the musicians that made the guys took the decision of turn the project into a real band and hit the road. The team was completed with Evandro Brito on the guitars to make possible the execution of the complete arrangements. A musical video clip of the track “1984” was recorded with the artistic direction of Alex Milesi.

Hammer 67 put in the album all the influences and inspiration they have collected during years on the road with their former bands, and the result was an intense metal with heavy guitar arrangements and some electronic and industrial influences, everything mixed with aggressive voice arrangements and a rich mix of influences that goes from Black Sabbath to Marilyn Manson; also traveling trough AC-DC, Rob Zombie, Pantera and Slipknot.

The lyrics was based upon some of the diseases of the human soul, like hate, envy, laziness, luxury, alcoholism and drug addiction; diving deep in the darkness of sick thoughts like parental killing and suicidal tendencies. The controversial sides of the sick mind were shown; saw by the point of view of the person who lives the problem and not necessarily got consciousness of having a problem.

The album was pre-produced in Schroeber’s home studio (Chapelão Studios) and recorded and mixed in Digital Master Studio, with the technical support of Juliano Boz. The final production, mixing and mastering was made by Schroeber and Boz, with the artistic direction of Schroeber. The art concept of the album was created by Benhur Lima and the photography was under responsibility of Alex Milesi.

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