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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paulo's interview for the Almah Official Russian website

Paulo Schroeber, interview for the Almah's official Russian website, December 2008 :

"Irina : Your date of birth?

Paulo Schroeber : 18/08/73

Irina : Your home city?

Paulo Schroeber : Caxias do Sul

Irina : Why did you decide to learn classical acoustic guitar?

Paulo Schroeber : Long time ago I saw one of my friends playing some pieces on the acoustic guitar, and since that day I have a passion to this instrument. Actually, I listen to many acoustic guitar players, but I still prefer Andres Segovia. Unfortunately, today I don’t play acoustic guitar due to my responsibilities with the electric guitar and the lack of time.

Irina : Why did you decide to continue with electric guitar?

Paulo Schroeber : This choice was natural, I couldn’t be dedicated to both instruments at once, so I did my choice for electric guitar.

Irina : Where did you learn music?

Paulo Schroeber : In one school in Caxias do Sul. And some time later I did some lessons with one jazz guitarist, Julio Herlein from Porto Alegre.

Irina : What are your favorite music, bands?

Paulo Schroeber : I like all the styles, but my favorite bands are the old ones - AC/DC and Black Sabbath.

Irina : How did you receive a proposal to join Almah?

Paulo Schroeber : It was from my friend Marcelo Moreira who has already worked with them before.

Irina : How was your first meeting with the band? How soon did it became clear that you're a good choice for the band?

Paulo Schroeber : It was a meeting with Edu Falaschi at his home, we finished two songs in two days (Magic Flame and Meaningless World), after that he presented me to the band and everyone approved me. One week later Edu sent me a mail confirming me as the new guitarist. To get involved with the work was easy, and it happened in a natural way, besides Edu Falaschi is an extremely accessible person.

Irina : How did you get involved in the workt on the new album? From which part of work?

Paulo Schroeber : I actively participated in pre-production, composing all my solos, some parts of the songs and improving riffs, besides the composing of Birds of Prey together with Edu.
Did it take some time to find a common guitar language with Marcelo Barbosa?
No, it was instantly, our chemistry has already begun right since the moment we were introduced to each other.

Irina :You can play different styles of music, but which one is your favorite?

Paulo Schroeber : I play various styles of music, but my favorite ones obviously are metal and fusion.

Irina : Do you have any job besides music? Maybe teaching or something like that?

Paulo Schroeber : I give lessons in my home and in one school, besides doing gigs with some local musicians.

Irina : When are you going to release your solo album?

Paulo Schroeber : was working on this for years, and just now I came to the opportunity to record it. I’ve been playing some different things on it, like jazz and fusion, besides metal and rock, for sure, I was very influenced by Marty Fiedman e Jason Becker, it will be a fantastic experience for me to be able to express my music on these styles. I wish the album to be released, at least, in the middle of the next year.

Irina : What tattoo do you have?

Paulo Schroeber : I have my left arm fully tattooed in a biomechanical style, made by an artist called Luciano Rossi, and in the right arm - stylized fire created by Alessandro Amorin, who also did some other works on my leg; and another biomechanical one on my right shoulder, done by Cabelo tattooist.

Irina, Almah Russia"

Thanks to the Almah's Japan webmaster for the link and to the Almah's Russia webmaster for the interview !