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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Paulo Schroeber : recording sessions with Almah at Norcal Studio

"Guitar recording sessions was great, we had a lot of freedom to compose the solos and Barbosa and I along very fast in the studio.

The recording was performed at Norcal Studios with Brendan Duffey as coach.

The most important part of the solos was made right here, only two or three were composed at home, which was very cool because many good ideas have emerged here.

Equipement used to record rythm sections was a JMP1 plugged into a power Mesa Boogie Strategie 500.

And for the solos, we used a Peavey 5150, as you can see on pics.

I also used a boost pedal that I like a lot, the Fulltone Fast Boost, just to take in a softened tone."

"It was a little bit hard to use the Carvin at first, because we used 0.10 strings and 0.13 for the rythm sections ... the sound was animal !!!

For the solos I used Barbosa's guitar, but I also used my EMG to record some things."

"The creative process was so great, it's a job for which I'm proud to have participate and I'm delighted with the result, this work is one of the best I've done, for sure."

Paulo Schroeber.

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