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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paulo Schroeber interviewed by French Fans

Interview published on August 2009 on Almah France Official Blog :

Almah France : Hi Paulo ! Could you introduce yourself for French and Japanese public, please ?

Paulo : I'm Paulo Schroeber, I was born in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on August 18 th, 1973, I love tattooing, playing guitar and above all live and breathe music.

Almah France : When did you start to learn to play guitar ?

Paulo : I started playing when I was 15 years old, so I play for 20 years now.

Almah France : Could you say more about your solo album ? Have you already recorded it ? When your album will be released ? And where , only in Brazil or in the rest of the world ?

Paulo : For sure ! My album is being recorded right now, and I'll get the mix on August, to be ready early September I think. On this album, I explore some other ideas, because beside Heavy Metal, I love other sounds like rock and fusion. The sale will be in principle only available on my Myspace page : www.myspace.com / pauloschroeber

Almah France : What did you learn with Almah (in studio, on stage) ?

Paulo : I had already some studio and live background but it was cool because I had never played in a big band like Almah and receptivity of fans made me very happy.

Lupi Blue :What kind of strings do you use ?

Paulo : I use Elixir 0.10 strings.

Frogfingers : Have you got a particular training before starting to play guitar ?

Paulo : I do some coordination exercices in order to warm up and also play some licks before the shows.

Frogfingers : When did you start to feel free on your instrument, with a good musical vocabulary ? (How many years after beginning practice ?)

Paulo : I'm still trying to reach a good vocabulary !! Huahuahua ... I think with 5 years of practice a person could have more freedom with the instrument, but as music has many languages, this question is very hard to answer with precision.

Shred 666 : What are your main influences and your favorit bands or musicians ?

Paulo : With any doubt Tony Iommi, Jason Becker, Dimebag Darrel e Andrés Segovia.

Metallaw : Hi Paulo ! I’d like to know what do you think about guitar schools like Berkley ? Do you think it’s the only way to learn to play ?How did you learn to play ? in a music school ?

Paulo : I think they are great schools, but nowadays with easy access to information on internet, you can play very well without going at school, without problems. I personally learned to play alone, I never had a guitar teacher, except for classical guitar.

Metallaw : Do you listen a lot of music ? What are you listening besides metal ?

Paulo : I love Andres Segovia, Bach, Allan Holdsworth, Jason Becker, Greg Howe, Scott Henderson and some bands like Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, etc. ...

Pimousse : Hi Paulo ! I’d like to know if you have hobbies besides music ?

Paulo : I like hang out and have a drink with my friends, that's surely my biggest hobby, but I also like to see some movies and read some books.

Pimousse : About the Fragile Equality Tour : have you got some anecdotes to tell us?

Paulo : Hahaha ... was it worse than quiet, it was very cool in Natal, where we made a suicidal ride on Buggy, and in Salvador, where I and Marcelo Moreira took all the beers at the local pub!"

Thanks a lot to Paulo Schroeber for the interview !
The whole Almah France team takes this opportunity to wish him a very happy birthday (with a few days late ...)

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